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Damage modifiers

edited for accuracy

So I just wanna know if I got my numbers and mechanics straight. Is any of this false?
So strong color against weak color does 150% damage
Weak color vs strong color does 50% damage
Colored increase damage increases that number by X%
Critical damage increases that number by 150%
Strong hits are the only hits that can crit
Increasing damage to allies does increase ability damage
Increase damage taken to enemies does increase ability damage
Reduce damage on enemies does decrease ability damage
Reducing damage on allies does reduce ability damage
Abilities do not crit

As far as i’m aware:
Weak hit is 50%
Strong hit is 150%
Critical hit is 200% or 250% (don’t know exactly which one it is)

Strong hit are the only hits that can Crit (and have a 10% chance of doing so unless you are buffed by gyllentalon or Vinghtor,…)

The increased DMG buff does increase ability dmg (same with having the increased damage taken debuff on enemy)
When an enemy has decreased dmg buff it your allied dragons will deal less dmg to it (and naturally if your dragons have the decreased DMG buff then enemy dragons will deal less ability dmg to them)

Also i don’t know what you mean by “Colored increase damage increases that number by X%”

Well i know these 2 are wrong:
Increasing damage to allies doesn’t increase ability damage.
Reduce damage on enemies doesn’t decrease ability damage.

Attack buffs/debuffs do affect ability damage. I know because i’ve been using Copsekeep for months and i can clear waves of enemies very easily with AoE abilities after getting the buff up.
Also, another situation you didn’t mention is that a crit buff doesn’t make abilities crit, i’ve seen some people thinking it does so i thought i’d mention it.

Sawmaw increasing blue dmg for example

Unless something overrides some of it, i was doing 400 some dmg per hit and crit was 500 some damage

Back when this game was released I tested it myself back when I was rocking tank flanker and torch and such, it never increased damage back then for me. But a few practice rounds I can see that it does

Actually capture a screen shot, calculate at 155%, would it be reasonable to think its actually 150% given range of damage