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Damage Reflect on Alphas Locks Client On Last Round

I am getting quite tired of having the client lock and loose my attempt because there is still stuff going on when the battle ends.

So far the “easiest” way to have it happen is have damage reflect on for the last round and have the alpha attack. I lost 2 of 3 attempts today because of that.

Really frustrating–loose the attempt, log no damage because the client locks.

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If you mean the infinite loading screen desync - it’s not related to reflecting, assuming you mean Counterattack.

None of my anti-alpha dragons have counterattack and I’ve still got this desync more often than I’d like.

I’d imagine it has something to do with the connection. Normal battles don’t really require any calculation, it was a known bug where the server didn’t register you completing a level, but it still registered the reward.
An Alpha is a bit more tricky, where your damage done needs to be calculated and even synced with the clan log. From what I’ve seen, front-end reloading, like taking a small break during the fight or dumping RAM to tab and multi-task - doesn’t drop the fight, the game “reconnects” as usual, so it could be a backend error where the server just gets too many requests.

The desync isn’t caused by damage reflect…it’s just a way to set it up and cause it.

Every time its happened to me there was still action going on when the round ended. That’s the cause.

Iv3 had ot happen even with no actions happening.

On the bright side, support confirmed this will be fixed in next update

As Talisax said - action doesn’t trigger it. I also once tried to squeeze in some casts during the tile launch\boss’ attack and it desynced, but on multiple tries afterwards with numerous ability casts - no problems. And then it desynced once without any non-tile action.

What about Bewilderbeast? Are they going to deal with that? Perhaps also nerf it to either give spirit for hitting ice or make it spawn only one ice block per cast?

That they didnt address in my conversation. I would hope they do


Talisax…they did confirm they’re actually fixing it this time rather than pointing people to non-related, useless FAQs?

Halle-flipping-lujah! It’s about time. :zipper_mouth_face:

Yes. I’d post them saying this but that is against the rules

I haven’t had any issues with it counting the points at the end, only issue ive had is with spirit for my dragons (however that’s only when facing a bewilderbeast when the spirit for my dragons dont increase)

I love facing the screaming death though.