Damage vs Armor


Im just curious if Ive missed something but I dont think Armor is accounted for properly with regard to damage calculations. If pounce does double damage (we will say 800 base for simplicity) but the defending Dino has 30% Armor the attack should only do around 1000 yet it will still do 1400-1500 without scoring a critical. Ive noticed this especially with Einiasuchus. He will buff to 1200 dmg, attack a 40% Arm Giga and still do 1100 dmg. Im just not sure if the game accidentally considers these armor piercing attacks or I missed something.


I know the damages are calculated on the original value of the attack, not taking into consideration the buffs, like for example Einasuco vs Vraptor, this go first with a Pounce that reduce 50% damage so Einasuco’s original attack is 800, then it come with a result of 400 attack with the reduction. Then Einasuco uses Ferocious strike that buff her attack of 50% but calculated on the original 800, not the up to date 400. So 800 + 400 Eina buff- 400 raptor debuff = 800

Maybe this sould work also for armor calculation, so the armor can protect you as a percentage of the original opponent’s attack, not taking into consideration the buffs / debuffs?

I cannot fight now so I don’t have an answer on this, just making a “UP” for your post so that other people can comment. :wink: