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Hey guys let’s play a game (or competition) of damage. I will be ranking the highest damages top 1 to 5.

Competition no. 1:

Show(screenshot) us the highest damage u have ever done in PvP. (Cric allowed)

Competition no.2:

Show us the highest damage u have ever done in raids. (Plz don’t post Marsupial lion or Thyla doing damage in mortem raid.) And make sure that raid was successful.

Note: both of the competition will have different ranking and plz plz plz be honest. There is no way to justify u. I won’t ask for your id so plz be honest.

And the competition begin have fun(entry fee: free)

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9570 I’m doing on a daily base (Turtle devastation after PFS). Once a while it crits with a nice 11962 damage.
But more damage definitely is possible.


Couldn’t find one from arena so had to use the one from a strike


I obviously don’t have a screenshot, but the most damage I think anyone can do is a Max-Level, Max-Attack Erlidominus under the effects of Revenge Cloak and un-distracted hitting an armor-less, vulnerable, dodgeless and un-shielded target with a critical Rampage.

By my (admittedly not official) calculations, such a hit would do 16,750 damage.

Edit: My bad, I was looking at an unboosted level 26. With ALL of that stuff, you will do an absolutely ludicrous 30757 damage.

Edit #2: If you add on an attack buff from something like Tryo or Irri, your damage goes up to 46136

Edit #3: Adding a ferocity buff from all three members of a raid team, your damage becomes 103806


Make a perfect ss and bring your name over here. U r (pending)

U r in 1St place right now with

  1. Mortem Rex (8660)
  2. Mortem Rex (12,990)

Anyone else tough enough to beat this guy?

Note: u can use any power, tryo? Increase attack allowed. Indo? Cloak available and u can u use it. (For PvP and raid)

do it in a raid with 3 irritators helping now

Just did. Way ahead of you.

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well actually 2 irris and someone who makes the boss vulnerable would be even more powerful

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Dont have a screenshot with crit unfortunately.



I factored vulnerability into the calculation, but I’m trying to find a way around that.


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He literally just said that doesn’t count lol


Doesn’t count haha,

Ok sir, u r now in 1st place in PvP.

  1. Samzilla, Entelonia (9570)
  2. Mattplays, Mortem Rex (8660)

In raids.

  1. Mattplays, Mortem Rex (12,990)

Screenshot_20210628-150408_JW Alive
Know its a raid but thought it would be nice to share, I do have an erlidom screenshot but its miles down my gallery :joy:


Right I managed to find it
Screenshot_20210503-183403_JW Alive


Sir u r in 1st place in the PvP now.

  1. MattCrado1, Erlidomus (10,230)
  2. Samzilla, Entelonia (9570)
  3. Mattplays, Mortem Rex (8660)


  1. Mattplays, Mortem Rex(12990)
  2. MattCrado1, Indominus Rex Gen 2 (10,230)