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Damien/Austin question

I’m curious if the writers/developers had any idea how popular Austin/Damien would be? In our Facebook group of nearly 500, they are easily the favorites lol.


There’s a Facebook group?? Damien is one of my favourites!! I didn’t think I’d like him at first but he really grew on me.


Facebook group dedicated to Damien or a lovelink facebook group? in that case there is even lovelink subreddit and discord

There may be a fan made one for the app that is being referred to here, but there is also an official Facebook group. However, there’s nothing really on it.

Fan made Facebook group for the app in general, I started it! We have almost 500 members :two_hearts:


I love Damien! He is by far one of my faves. :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


Same here! He’s my #1 guy right now lol :heart::laughing:

Albert/Johnathan and Damien/Austin seem to be the most popular in that group!! I’ll have to agree on Austin… I need him back!! :joy:

And Skylar. He was the first one to go grey for me and I don’t want to lose that attachment I had to him. It’ll be harder to lose Austin’s, honestly. :pleading_face:


I haven’t had Damien yet… but Austin!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love his story! I want him to come back ASAP!!!

You won’t get Damien since you chose to match with Austin and they have the same storyline, but if you like Austin you’d like him too (more or less depending on how much you liked Damien’s character design).

They may have had an inkling! Bad boys tend to be popular characters in storytelling apps, though I think Austin/Damien is a refreshing take on the bad boy trope.

I certainly didn’t anticipate how much I’d like Austin. When I first saw him pop up in his prison jumpsuit standing in front of a barbed wire, my first reaction was basically, “This can only be a complete mess.” But I gave it a shot anyway mostly out of morbid curiously, so it was quite a pleasant surprise when I liked him!


Same here! I love bad boys but at first I thought he was gonna be “too bad” for me lol :laughing: now he’s my favorite! I love how they’ve given so much depth to his character! :heart:


No idea why. I matched with Damien. I get that it was a slightly different story dynamic but he just didn’t excite me at all. Guess I’m just not turned on by career criminals that much :woman_shrugging:.

Think of the free diamonds? That’s what I tell myself when I interact with 99% of the people I match with. :pensive:

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Oh for sure, but the game is supposed to be fun. I’m not interested in grinding away at a game I’m not enjoying, especially if the rewards are so measly. I’m 100% going to un match from close to half of my matches when they come back online. 15 - 20 gems every three to four interactions isn’t worth the effort when you don’t enjoy the interactions.

I’d rather watch paint dry than keep chatting with Damien, for example.

That’s completely understandable. I definitely skim the text when I’m reading someone’s interaction that I don’t care for. I’m also accustomed to grinding a little for diamonds (or whatever the premium currency is) in games in order to either progress or be able to make more premium choices so I can tolerate it for a while if I notice a difference in slowing down the depletion of diamonds. But it is certainly easier to buy them outright with this game in particular, I’m just trying not to for now too much. But I also lose incentive to anyway when there are so few characters I genuinely like, which is good for my wallet at least.

I guess I see it as since there are only a small handful of characters I actually like and want to spend gems on I should at least use the large number of other characters as diamond mines in the meantime. But like I said, I definitely see where you’re coming from and approach some games the same way.

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I actually wasn’t even swiping to match with Damien at first… But you are right he grew on me immediately. He is a bad boy but hes really a mush. :heartpulse:lol. I wish he hasnt been on break for so long now because it is getting annoying…it breaks the connection with the game.

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I think you meant to reply to someone else since Iwasn’t wasn’t about him? But I guess you can think of his absence as him feeling with his lawyer and whatnot.

Sorry yes it was intended for someone else.

They are. I got Austin and I absolutely love him so far. I agree with people on here about the waiting time I don’t want to lose my matches. I also really like Jaime . I was playing lovelink when they had the stories in the game and he was my first and my favorite out of the matches. I’m looking forward to hopefully matching with Skylar. He looks interesting. Are there any tips to getting more diamonds. I think they need to improve on that

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