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Damien/Austin question

If you don’t want to pay for them then the only way is the 15 you get every six hours +3 if you watch an ad. You get 15 for the first relationship status level ups and then 20 then 25 as the rank levels up and change. If you don’t mind the grind, you can match with as many people possible and use them as diamond mines to get more from their relationship statuses leveling up. Beyond that then only other way is to pay for more. They are few and far between, but sometimes there will be a decent deal.

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Damien/Jonathan are my absolute favorites!!! Jonathan is on break and its driving me nuts and the wait time between texts … aaarrrrggghhh!!! Please fix that. I’m dying to find out more with Damien. I did the date with his brother and at his last day before execution!!! Why can’t we send texts even when they are offline!!! Arrrrggghhhh please tell me he lives and I finally get to meet him!

I’ll give Damien his dues. The story is somewhat interesting. But he doesn’t interest me at all.

But I’d rather chat with him than Daniel, the photographer. Damn, that’s a boring storyline.

“Ohh I take pictures of people making out… oh I’m in love with you… oh have you met my psycho ex?”

Yeah… I’m fussy AF. :smile:

Dude, what a mood. I picked Adam for the photographer, but I agree that Austin (I chose him over Damien) is more interesting, but also because it feels even more fictional than Adam’s story which is a little bland for me right now. I’d be fine with it staying slice-of-life and more believable than Austin’s, but I would like the excitement/tension to be more than the crazy ex. But like you I can be picky sometimes, so I completely empathize.