Damiens convo

Is anyone else having an issue with his latest convo? My response box has disappeared mid-chat so i cannot respond, theres nothing there its just a blank space.


Same for me with Austin convo disappeared

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Same here. Right after Juror number 12.


Same here. Restarting the app multiple times didnt help either

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After buying the new CG, Austin’s chat glitches and get stuck. Closing and reopening hasn’t fixed the issue.

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same here, it’s been like that for hours, tried to uninstall and didn’t work either :confused: been waiting for him for so long and then this happens :cry:

Thanks for reporting this everyone! The team has been informed and will look into it as soon as possible.

Woohooo His chat came back!! :partying_face:
Big big thanķ you to the team :purple_heart: