Damm I did it!



Congrats man.

Good job! Now work on staying! :smile:

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My advice would be put the phone down and don’t battle again till after Monday. I was at 4606 and now I’m 4400 and trying to get back over the 4500 mark

No problem at all! Done battling till it’s over! I always do this every tournament! I battle until I have the incubators you see and as soon as I hit the epic mark I am done! Now I have 4 days of peace and quiet and no anger! I actually love the free time this gives me!


Well I still do strike events! On the anger management I may have to see my therapist before I do the killer Saturday epic event :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Oh yeah I’m really not looking forward to that :grinning:

You can do it! The matchups at that level are really good just watch out for that demon RNG

Is it wrong that the first thing I thought of was this you-can-do-it-you-can-do-it-all-night-long-meme


Someone made a good suggestion that Tany is faster than both! Mine is 24 so I figure I can do a 1.5 nullify on either one and swap in my 15 suchamimous than swap in my 20 Stegoceratops and finish with my 24 stegodeus! You think that would work

I don’t have a big level tany so sorry mate you’ll need someone with a better knowledge of them for advice cos I’ve no clue

No worries I will look at the thread

This is the team I’m using

I keep getting there and falling out because I’m stubborn and keep fighting.

I stopped this morning. 5001 trophies. Enough is enough.

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Grats!!! Thats awesome

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Congrats to reaching this arena!

Does it end right on December 3rd or at some point through that day?

Sitting back to get the epic incubator rather than bash my face against the aviary wall is looking better and better.

And now thank jebus I’m done till Monday Screenshot_20181129-164637_JW%20Alive


I got to Aviary for a couple of days, now I’m almost down to Sorna again! Yay tournaments. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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