Damm I did it!

Congrats! Isn’t the Aviary beautiful?



I got to there the other week and was at 4606 and thought I’m playing well I bet I’ll be able to get to 4750 and then I’ll get a better reward and next thing I knew I was around 4300 and struggling to get back. That’s why now I’m back in not battling again till the end of the tournament :grinning:

I don’t care about my score, so I’ll still battle so I can get incubators. May take 5 tries each time though!

Welcome to hell, lol :sunglasses:

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I am done battling now aswell, back to where i was before reset. Although it was much harder getting back here. Everyone I fight, their dinos seem to all be 2/3 levels higher than mine, maybe i am too high for what i have?
My current team

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Congrats! Your team is good.

It’s crowded in Arena 10, everyone wanting to get higher… I’m bouncing up and down. But I like battling and getting battle incubators (a surer bet than the tournament rewards :wink:).

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