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Dark Akatsuki seeking four new members

Dark Akatsuki, sister clan of Akatsuki, is seeking two new members to help defeat 5 and 6* alphas. Great place to grow and learn the game. When you’re ready, you can move up to Akatsuki to fight 9 and 10* alphas if you choose

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We would consider a merge with a smaller clan that is looking to grow and expand. We do require Discord

pls invite me, Viktor#2339

I’m assuming this is an English-speaking clan?

Yes, although for many, English is not their primary language

Are you guys chatty? My current clan is very unresponsive and I’m looking for a clan that has a bit of social as well as pure battle.

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Yes, ondiscord. Little chat in game, bit discord is where 99% of chat happens

I am new to the game and not really sure what discord is. You did respond back about merging my clan (Village of Berk) with yours and that sounds awesome since you are established. Any more details or help would be great and really appreciated. Thanks

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I want join in team power is 5500.please sent Id is goben#9592 please sent invite I like to join this clan

Please stop

What? Happen