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DarkHorseRising recruitment

Hey there ppl, DarkHorseRising is looking for active, committed players to join our team. We are a friendly team that help each other where we can. We do require participation in tournaments (if qualified), help with missions and donating to teammates where possible. We do prefer level 12 or higher sorry but can make exceptions for guareenteed active and dedicated players. We do not accept players for 2 days after alliance missions end though sorry, this is to avoid ppl only joining for the rewards. Hope to see you soon!

What is the alliance mission rewards rank?

Usually 8-9 atm. We had to let a few players go unfortunately so haven’t reached our potential

I have 2500 trophies.Can I join?

For sure, what name should I look out for?

I can’t work out how to edit this post. But we ARE accepting under level 12 atm. We usually don’t as most will quit the game but not alliance so holds up spots. But If u love the game and want a friendly alliance feel welcome to apply. Comment here if your unsure of anything we require :slight_smile:

Well I’m level 11.My name is YelloDiloraptor.I am also addicted to it XD.

Awesome! I’ll accept when i see ur name

Noice.I am giving request RN.

Can’t see it yet

NVM got ya. Thanks for joining