Darling, you gotta let me know

I’m seriously on the fence here. I was going to wait until I completed my Dinodex before making any decision, but I’m so aggressively bored, I’m trying to find reasons for me to keep grinding. This isn’t a passive ennui, this is pulling up my app, seeing a whole three Majungasauruses and getting angry.
I don’t feel it necessary to beat a dead horse over matchmaking, boosts, lack of Titanoboa, etc. You can toss a stone in this forum and hit three of those topics off the ricochet. I need only say that I’ve all but given up on pVp.
I dropped an epic scent this week and was met with an invisible epic (yes, seriously) and an endless string of useless commons.
Let’s take a look at this for a minute:
We currently have 15 global epic spawns, seven of which are hybrids. The epic spawn rates are abysmal, and when I do see them, it’s something like Baryonx or a Hybrid I don’t need. I’ve all but given up on darting as I never see anything that’s worth it anymore.
So what’s left? We’ve got strike towers, event creatures and sanctuaries. Strike towers are great for coin, but I don’t count on them for DNA I want/need as It never seems to go that way. Event Creatures are excellent if you want to level-up your team, but as I’ve basically exited the arena, what’s the point? -especially if a player with a level 18 Indo2 and deep pockets can destroy my level 25-26 dinosaurs.
Sanctuaries are basically the only thing I can count on to get the dna I need since it’s all exclusive. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE checking in every three hours to get a meager 10-15 dna on epics, but overall, this game is starting to feel less like a game, and more like a job.
So daily, weekly and monthly DNA has potential… If it weren’t Baryonx and Purrasaurus… :unamused:
Seriously Ludia, how can we make this game fun again? I want to stick around.
-Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?