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Darn. Lol

I had the plan this morning since I am off work to hit the tournament hard and make it to Dominator, a place I have never been. I get all the way to the top of Predator and suddenly the match-ups are ridiculous. I think Ludia has other plans. :rofl::rofl:

What is your line up you are attempting to use? If it isn’t around 4,000 AFS it will give you near impossible matchups no matter how early you are to the level.

Thanks for the info. No, I am out of my league, I guess. I will get there eventually.

I started of using the weakest i could get away with but the last 2 matches to get premoted into dominator league i had to use much stronger stuff. Always seems to be like that for me. Once in that league i use up everything i have. Made it to 6th but i fully expect to drop like a stone. Usable stuff now has massive cooldown periods so wont be able to play until tomorrow and just hope i am still there.

Glad you made it. I start with my weakest but my strongest aren’t quite strong enough to get me over the hump. :woman_facepalming:t3: