Dart amounts not increasing when gathered from Supply Drops

Whenever I gather darts from a Supply Drop, they do not add to my total. It’s as if I haven’t gathered them at all. It’s been like this for about 3 weeks now, on and off.
Can someone please let me know what the issue is and how I can get the darts gathered at Supply Drops to add to my overall totals?
Many Thanks

Silly question but do you have more than 999? Over that and it won’t show the full total.

The most you can have from supply drops at one time is 350. The only time supply drops will add to your total darts is if you have less than 350.

If you have less than 350 and the supply drops aren’t adding them then Ludia Support will need to help.

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I have around 650-ish darts… total.
So, I can only get darts from Supply Drops if I have less than 350 total? This didn’t used to be the case. I know about the 999 maximum value, and any more over that not showing.
It now turns out that I can’t add to my total if I get darts from Incubators either… there is definitely something weird going on here, so maybe the game moderators should take a look. As an example, yesterday I lost out on over 100 darts, from 2 incubators and 15 Supply Drops…

It used to be a lot less and over that limit only purchased darts could take you over the limit. Incubators and supply drops never have.