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Dart Collecting Achievements

@Ned Is there any way of checking if Ludia can remove the dart collecting achievements or lower the standard to complete them?

Now that Ludia removed the daily pile of darts where we used to get over 1000+ darts a day, those achievements are not achievable or applicable.

They should’ve thought this through before removing that COVID related offer.

I’m currently on the Stockpile of Darts achievement. Now that the pile of darts deal is gone, I’m stuck at 3490/28000 and I heard there’s a couple of more dart collecting achievements after that one!

Ludia can’t have achievements that were dependent on offers running during the COVID deals. I will never be able to collect that many darts in my lifetime.

Also, Ludia shouldn’t FORCE people to spend real money just to knock out that achievement. A Pile of Darts costs 250 CASH!! You only get 350 darts with that.

The achievement I’m stuck on will only reward 25 attack boosts which is not worth it. I want to try and knock out all the achievements but some of the current ones with the changes are no longer applicable or achievable.


Hey Jvzimmer, I can definitely bring your feedback about the Stockpile of Darts
Achievement up with our team!


Hello Ned, i got a question about a another achievement, steady hands. I trying already for a few weeks to get 6 direct hits on a epic dinosaur, but i can’t get closer than 4 direct hits. I’m not liking that anymore so much… and i’m trying tl unlock and complete the mission perfect 10 but then i need first to complete the mission steady hands… can yoi mayne ask the team they can help with that please? Thank you!

Once your stockpile runs out youll collect them from supply drops. Like before covid…


Yes but.if you were buying them daily you now have like 100k darts you have to fire before collecting them from stops counts again. That’s like 100 years worth

@Ned I think your tower collections count towards your achievements, even though they don’t get added to your dart pool

And I have thousands and thousands of darts stored up currently, so thankfully you don’t have to use them all before completing the achievements. You just need to collect them normally. It’ll take longer, but it won’t take years just to get through your darts first. So you aren’t required to buy darts to complete the achievements.

8 direct hits on epic : im about to make this man frustation.
Tip : try dart deer, koolasuchus, secondonto, ankylosaur.

Thank you for the tip i qill try thos for a few weeks now! :slight_smile:

Just allow us to delete all the stored up darts so ppl can start over…simple.

The darts from supply drops add to your total for the achievements, up until the drops run out of coins and the darts stop accumulating. Then it starts again with the daily reset.

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I have completed the one you see in your post and yes I can confirm that the darts you get from drops do count

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Yea your actually right, but that will be a LONG time for many

You need to spin those drops no matter what, after all they give boosts, coins, HC… So no matter what, we will get it eventually.

Realistically, the dart ones were completed quite a while ago for hardcore players.
It’s like everything else, just gotta grind a bit harder.

I was surprised that most of the achievements were relatively quick to complete.

The DBI achievements are just a pain, because no way to grind them out.

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I really don’t like that they are gone! I think it’s spoiling the fun when things change so drastic

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The dar achievement are tough and a grind but not impossible I just finished today


yes, even though its tougher with dart sales gone, spinning drops still is a big help since its a pretty good contributor to these achievements now, it will take time but it will be complete, even if the darts don’t contribute to your actual darts if over +999 they count in achievements

Yeah the only time darts don’tr count towards the achievement is if you have maxed all the rewards from supply drops. So it is far from being impossible, just slows you down by 1400 a day.

Can’t ask Ludia to remove achievements when lots of other people have reached them already. Just play as normal and one day you’ll get the achievement, without much effort.

I have over 400,000. I may be darting for a very very long time.


I have 395,000. Think i’m set for a long time!

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