Dart loading and ending performance

Bug Description: For some time (after 1.7 but some time after the release, 1 month?) I notice that loading and ending drone sequences (flying drone) are longer than earlier. This time is not negligible when on scent.

I don’t see diffrences on connection type or time of day.

Android 8.0 @ Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

I could record a movie but don’t know how to share here.

I’m sorry to hear that it’s taking longer for the game to load for you, @Turitutu4890XD. If you have any other background apps opened while you’re playing the game, try closing them and see if that helps with the performance.

If you’re still having issues, our team could take a look and investigate further if you reach out to them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.