Dart Numbers and Cap


I ceel like I go through dadts way to quick. Not getting darts after 140 from supply drops is annoying. There shouldnt be a dart limit like that. You only get 15 darts max if you cant afford VIP. I feel as though darts should not be limited. Pokeballs arent limited in Pokemon GO until you reach a bag item cap. Darts are basically our Pokeballs and it seems like they are much to rare.


I have to agree… either up the max cap per level or give us more supply drops/crates in any given area. There is not much point to put a cap on something that’s already rare to begin with. I walk about 10km per day just to collect enough to catch about 20 mins worth of dinos then I literally got no more supply drops to replenish them.


Can only agree. Pre-update 1.2+ there were supply drops everywhere - even walking in various areas was an option because you get darts literally everywhere. I did 2h walks back then; now i switched to my bike which imo is still unfortunate. Now i noticed you can only go by bike or public transport for example - this way im pretty much full all the time.

Especially VIPs i would at least expect some kind of ‘bag upgrade’ imo.