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Dart Reset: Will They? Wont They? Does It Matter?

Every few days I see someone talking about how many darts they have accumulated through the special deal available right now and how they are worried Ludia will reset them. They’re worried about losing all the gold they invested in these darts. Well, guess what? That gold was likely already wasted by you when you bought the darts!

Think about it, how often did you need to buy darts before? Odds are the answer is never. So what are you gaining by buying so many? The ability to not spin supply drops as often? But you should be doing that anyway for the coins/HC/care items. So if you’re not really gaining anything by hoarding these massive amounts of darts, you’ve wasted your own coins. In the end you won’t see any difference whether Ludia wipes the darts or not.


It helps if you’re still trapped at home due to Covid 19 and spinning the same 3 drops isn’t enough

Yes, obviously they shouldn’t do anything until after the pandemic is over.

There is a zone 2 by me with not too many supply drops. If that is your closest zone, and you want to farm as much stuff as possible from it, you lose darts quickly. They can’t take them away as some people are going to still rely on them

I highly doubt they would take away people’s darts that they’ve already accumulated. That would cost them a lot of PR. More than likely they will just stop selling the packs eventually and people’s stashes will slowly (or quickly) dwindle.

It’s not a waste, it makes me feel good having a fat dart supply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does not matter to me. I am still able to move around and get my supply drops. Thankful for that. :blush: