DART Shortage

Hunting dinos for Alliance missions have become far more difficult since 1.8. Full of darts (140) when I left my house, darted everything I’ve seen, activated 2 -5 mins scents, hit 128 supply drops (yes, all within shortest range, so full amount, not reduce). I currently have 22 darts. I generally throw 14-15 darts per dino. This is ridiculous!! I have NEVER had a problem with not having enough darts available. SEVERAL times I come across drops with either 0 or 10 darts!


I don’t remember the last time I dropped below 80 darts and I haven’t had your issue today. Seems pretty much the same to me.
5(short distance), 2, 5, 8(green), 3 is what I got when I just opened 5 in a row. Total: 23. Enough for at least 2 darting sessions.
Maybe canvel VIP :slight_smile: 15 darts is way too much!

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That’s my point, I have NEVER had an issue before. Even WITH VIP…

I noticed the same thing. The supply drops are being little tightwads right now. Giving nothing or only 3 darts at a time.

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Many blank spins also, got nothing and I am not maxed on coins

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At one time I hit 5 drops in a row, 4 were blank, I received nothing. 1 gave me 10 darts. It makes NO sense!

Should I go get firewood to start heating the cauldron of tar?


Just be careful when starting a 20 min. Scent and trying to dart all dinos, you just might run out of darts OR miss out on dinos due to having to find a drop that MIGHT give you some!

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Yeah I noticed this too, since drops give toys and food the amount of darts has decreased. Why is this necessary? Enough of the nerfing.

I have also noticed I get 0 Darts or lower amounts since the update even with VIP. Any response Ludia?

The reason we are getting more nothings is because we’ve maxed our green bucks, toys, scent capsules and coins and many times these only give out green bucks and toys or scent capsules.

I max out every day and keep spinning. I have not had this many blanks before. Occasionally yes, but not several in a row, get a few darts on one then several more blanks.

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I’m getting tons of empty spins and tons with just 3 darts from a distance. Nothing else.

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That had nothing to do with it. I have spun over 800 stops a day numerous times and I dont remember getting empty spins prior to this. Always got something.

weird. i literally just spun one from home after reading this…

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If I am on top of the stop I always get something. It seems to be the ones from a distance for me.

spun everything around me and got stuff from all of them.

Do NOT say anything about darts in supply drops. I couldn’t get my daily limit cause all I got were darts…
so call that COIN Shortage.

Again, go hunting, actually dart everything you see while a 20 min epic scent is going, try to keep darts on hand without missing 1 dino spawn. I hope you have PLENTY of drops at the ready! I hope you haven’t reached your limit all ready! I also hope you don’t get 4 out of 5 of those drops giving you 0 darts. Again, I NEVER had a problem before 1.8. So, is 30 darts the max amount now?? That’s 2 dinos IF you get 30 darts.

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I did max my coins on both accounts by the end of lunch today although I had a better start from last night after the refresh. Usually I don’t max my coins till on the way home from work where I finish up both accounts. Today I maxed both accounts on both the regular and green drops. I was hitting blanks after maxing the coins, green bucks, toys and scent capsules.

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