DART Shortage

I don’t usually pay much attention to what I get per drop, but I did run out of darts twice today. I almost never run out of darts, so I think you’re right about getting less darts than usual.

When they first came out with scent capsules, the chance of getting one was really high at first. After a week or so, they lessened the chance to get one so it took longer during the day to get your daily 2.

I’m sure they will lessen the chance for toys later and the low dart problem will go away.

I noticed a significant decrease in darts. Not that I usually run out but I haven’t done a serious hunting run yet.

I was hoping for a decrease in the number of 44 dart spins I was getting (sometimes 4 or 5 in a row, and actually had 6 in a row one day), but it shouldn’t be so much of a decrease that we can’t keep our supplies up when spinning drops while within range.

I also think when you activate a scent they should give you a bonus amount of darts (like 45-60 on a 5 minute scent and 150-200 on a 20 minute scent).

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I like the decrease I still maintain 140 darts, it helps w/ my coin limit on both drops

I was talking about coins not darts

I got 30, even 44 darts from green supply drops when in proximity. 17 from a normal drop. Almost every drop has something. I don’t know in what kind of wasteland you are operating, but with the amount of drops I can see around me currently (40+ visible, 7 in range) there is no way of running out. Or maybe they nerfed the VIP drops by mistake?

I’m just glad my green supply drops consecutively give me 44 darts and no coins. (Very sarcastic)

I’ve suggested that Ludia allow us to upgrade our dart storage above 140. In pogo you can upgrade your inventory space and Pokémon space. It cost you but that’s expected. I wouldn’t mind spending hard cash to upgrade my dart storage above 140.

It sucks when you’re at home using scents and get low on darts. Sure you can hit surrounding drops for small amounts of darts but they don’t help much. Still it’s better than when we couldn’t spin drops in our 150m circle.

Hopefully they’ll allow us to purchase additional dart space. I refuse to purchase just darts though.

Why did supply drops stop giving darts? I ran out of darts, hit 20 stops with no darts – Ludia, you’re forcing me to stop playing. We literally cannot play without darts! I use 10 darts on most dinos, some folks use more. A supply drop should give you at least enough for two dinos,even at a distance (the game is about the dinos, not chasing supply drops). With the excessive DNA requirements of daily and upper level weekly missions (plus reduced rewards from most events), you are taking all the fun out of the game. Players should be able to make satisfying progress in one ore two hours of gameplay per day. So when I’m out of darts in 20 minutes and get disappointed with the next few drops, I’m off to a different game (there are a lot of new games that have caught my interest lately).

It’s weird how different people have completely different experiences. Something must be going on, because my drops have no darts maybe one out of 5-10 times.

Have this problem.

Thought it was just me!


I will NEVER pay for darts.

If that’s the new way, I’m done!

You keep saying that. :rofl:


Hi, the supply box is not giving enough darts for us to fire the dinos after the update.
Then how can we finish the alliance mission with so many dna and darts to be fired?
Can you advise us on this issue?

I think the drops divide between darts, coins, cash, and scents. Now add in food and toys, and there are less darts on average. Just math.

I understand the math, I just don’t like it. :wink:

Yes patrick the darts get lesser but to the extent of spinning 5 stops only get 5 darts or 0 darts…
Then how get the dna needed for the missions?

Started talking about this in my alliance yesterday.
Noticed the same thing. It’s really hard to get darts at the moment. If you are close to the drop it’s not to bad. But a bit in the distance and you only get 3 darts sometimes even nothing.
Shooting 14 darts each dinosaur they run out to fast now.

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@Jorge can we please get this reverted back to the way it was. If it has been reduced because the rewards are being shared between the food and toys as well then just increase the allowed rewards.

It is unfair and not balanced that resources like that are reduced. You’ve even reduced them for VIP.

Please do the players a solid favour and restore the level of rewards because if you can’t dart stuff there’s no point in playing the game.


Too many darts at supply drops. Not enough coins

It takes about an hour of farming to max out Event and Normal supply drops each day. And if you are walking… forget about it.

about 20% of supply drops are empty.

50% of the supply drops with some small distance only give 3-4 darts.

what the hell did ludia set to the parameters of the supply drops???