DART Shortage

Yes, we’ve been discussing this at Michigan Monsters. This is a problem, especially for those of us who walk and play, like me. I cover a lot of ground walking but darting is much much harder and I suspect it will have a knock on effect to weekly missions. I am already seeing our darts are low for Saturday morning.


Would be really appreciated, to get this passed on/feedback.

The amount of darts received from drops decreased significantly since update.

Dart shortage is/will be a real problem, especially for your dedicated players

I don’t have a problem just means you have to spin more supply drops

In last two hours from 21 drops got darts only four times. My home drop didn’t give me single dart 6 times in a row.

I know that before sometimes drops didn’t give darts, but never experienced something like this. With so low drop rate it’s impossible to use scents, as you will end up without darts. This also affects alliance missions and normal hunts as we get limited on darts with such low drop rate.

I’m not sure if it’s a feature or a bug. That’s why I didn’t posted in bugs section.

Obviously ludia thinks the drone is OP. They tried to nerf it last patch untill community outrage made them change it back. Now they try to underhandedly nerf it by just not providing enough darts.

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I’ve noticed this and I’m VIP so I tried on my sons phone and it was way worse . From seven stops he got a total of eight darts and I got 24 from the same stops . Way less than it used to be . Very strange …

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I suspect it’s because of the number of people who dropped vip. They’re trying to get them back without having to fix the game.


i have a simple answer to this question:
When you oppen a supply drop,you will always receive 2 things:
Either a incubator,hard cash
either hard cash,darts
AND this is take into consideration even if you can’t receive any hard cash,coins or darts!
it still count,you can roll a supply drop,if your coins are on max (15000)you can spin it and give nothing!
Now,since 1.8,there is 2 new items in the supply drop,the toys and the food,it have dilute WAY more the darts in the supply drops!
You can still find 44 darts as a vip in a supply drop,but way more less than before!
I think ludia,didn’t took it into consideration.

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Not possible that 5 out of 6 times would get FT items and coins. FT are only thing maxed from drops except scent. 5 times got only coins from home drop, once also cash. In 7th try got 5 darts and coins from home drop.

Got many times 44 darts before from event drops as non VIP. Usually when I wanted cash, cause I knew that won’t spin many event drops that day.

I think the dart change was needed. In 1.6 I regularly ran out of darts and had to spend cash on them, 1.7 it was almost impossible to run out and now with 1.8 you have to work at keeping darts topped up but it is achievable so better balanced…

Well, it’s rather you’re darting to little.

Received darts have decreased drastically for a fact. It’s pure math as @shining pointed out.

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could you give us feedback, if the decreased dart supply from supply drops and therefore shortage - due to new/additional items (FP) from drops - has been recognized, passed on and is gonna be adressed?

Much appreciated

Hey DPG members, thank you all for the feedback! I’ll pass it to our team and they’ll take note of it. :smiley:

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This would seem to me that it’s more about generating profit than accidental oversight. I’ve noticed a trend in alot of games that ever since the “pay to win” bill got pitched to Congress it seems that our beloved entertainment venues are trying to cash out as much as they can, while they can. Now this is just my humble opinion and I have 0 evidence to support it. I just know that we no longer live in an age where game developers are known by the names of the people that developed them (Hideo Kojima, Chris Robert’s and so on)thus games are not being developed to create loyalty over the long haul but rather payouts over the short term. Again just my opinion.

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Didn’t notice any changes yet.
I really run out of darts with a 20 minute scent on. Walking around het 19 dinosaur. Shoot 14 to 15 darts each. And then only het an average of 3 darts out of the drops.
So please ludia hope you will fix this.

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