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Dartable bosses

Do you want bosses to be dartable? If they will they should be only viable for one turn like uniques

It would be nice to have that.

Another way of receiving boss dna outside of raids


Just do the Raid like we all do for weeks.

If they would allow to dart a raid boss, its cheaters heaven…
All Community Stuff Ludia has added, with just one stupid Idea would be destroyed, thanks but no :rofl:

Go, get out and dart with your mod and be happy… :sweat_smile:

First off all i can’t join apex raids. My highest level creature is 23 and i’m playing since the Brachiosaurus update . Seccond i don’t even have mods and i preffer the honest way. And at last no matter what you do there is always the problem with cheaters and hackers

Ya, my highest dino is 26 indom, but it shouldn’t be dartable. I can maybe do lux and magnus with the 22 tryo, but others are super hard cuz they’re meant for endgame players. Although it seems like the hardest ones are the worst in arena

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I’ve had several ideas on how else we can get apex dna since I’m not a huge fan on being able to dart apexes for dna since it seems a bit problematic for me. So here are a few other suggestions:

I just feel like darting apexs is a bad idea. And btw, since you claim to not be able to do apex raids, there are many raid strats that allow low level players to do apex raids. All you have to do is find good raid mates to help you.

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Apex shouldn’t be dartable. They are one of the ultimate challanges is the game and a goal to work towards. It felt amazing to finnaly get my chosen creature ready for apex raids and beat them. The hours of giga scents and the after image burned into my phone screen.

Yes you’re right but still there should be a way for low level players to get apex dna

I agree in part with those who say yes and those who say no, but other ways to get Apex DNA should be implemented since there are many people who have Morten Rex in more than 2 levels and when they have it at the maximum already Those people are going to put aside the Wednesday raid, because they will no longer need DNA from that creature, which will make Ludia have to add a new Apex, the other thing is also that when a new player in a couple of years get this creature, capable that is no longer as good as it is now, as happened with creatures that were super strong and nowadays are garbage, because this game is constantly changing.

other ways to obtain it are a plus, but no darting. there should be relatively equal challenge for single players to obtain the dna to Apex raids for 3-4 players.

It’s kind of not fair to anyone not on discord or an alliance that have an abundance of high level avid players. I like my more laid back alliance but I have no chance of unlocking Apex’s with them. Why should Apex’s be reserved only for those who fit into that particular criteria?
At least let me Raid by myself, that would require me grinding to level and boost the creatures required for a strategy, and it also opens the door for new Raids for every day of the week, as they wouldn’t impede on tournaments as much and gives players who don’t care about tournaments something to do.


Raids bore me. I’d love to be able to dart them, and just not use them in arena unless I unlock them via raids. But I guess that would be too complicated…

And those ideas I explained would be good, just not darting them as it kinda takes away the working hard for it part that you get from raids and it would work with my explained methods. And again, if u just find a proper strat and team practically any lvl player can do apex raids

Yes they are pretty good. Hopefully ludia takes notes