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Darting and Matches


If possible, I’d like to suggest ludia give us an option where we can choose two types of darting sensitivities.
If you would like to stick with the new one as some people may like (mostly dislike this new one), please give an option in setting as
Darting sensitivity
Original - New
For players to choose what they prefer. Then you can satisfy both sides.

For matchmaking. I’m struggle to find an opponent (in fact since update, I found 1). The above 6000 is a pain and is impossible to match any opponent below. I cannot drop my trophies as AI is the only thing I can battle and that doesn’t affect anything. Please reconsider the 6000 line and make it to 6500.

UPDATE: Apex Predators Looks forward to Open Skilled Tournament (thank you for Update Patch 1.7 Ludia)
UPDATE: Apex Predators Looks forward to Open Skilled Tournament (thank you for Update Patch 1.7 Ludia)

New darting is much worse in comparison*
An option to revert would be much appreciated.

(*I could also get used to eating sardines for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I’d really rather not)


That would be my opinion in this as well but some players like it which I don’t understand why. Lol

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The new darting is atrocious. I have been getting about 1/3 less DNA everytime I dart something. It also seems a bit laggy, especially with the new creatures.

As far as battling goes, we have been begging Ludia to fix battle glitches for months and what did they do? They gave us more! Yay. I’m at a much lower trophy count and I can barely get into the battles. When I do it kicks me out of the match 75% of the time. I spend most of my game time restarting my App now


And with you not being able to battle anyone seems like they didnt take into consideration the lack of people at the top. I hope they find a solution and fix it promptly.

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And I’m here writing in forum which I don’t normally do. Lol. I just can’t handle it nomore.


The opposote can be said about matchmaking too. I’m at nearly 5900 and got paired with a guy barely above 5000. Very unfair for him. And not fun for me. Matchmaking is not working as intended I believe. Atleast i hope this isn’t what they meant

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I don’t blame ya, i was getting irritated at limited matches but I can’t imagine only 1 match since the update. Thats ridiculous and unfair

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One match was intended as I told Goodtiger to search the match same time with me and he’s the only 6k player at that moment. So basically it was me searching for him or him for me. In this case, let’s say if there’s only 3-4 people at 6k, we can expect no one but us 4 to fight each other. Progression stops. Only until the 59xx players come to join the party and that’s it? This is wrong.

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Sigh. Here you go Ludia. Let make it official since you couldn’t take my suggestion through in game support. Your darting system sucks. Like @Kingdreadnaught said, at least give us the option to pick which style we want. Also I would like to know who you tested this on.


I want old darting mechanic too. This one makes me feel like all my fingers are broken. I darted better even keep moving, now I can barely get at least 80% of previous scores


The new darting is terrible. We all had to learn it and know how to use it. New players should have that same challenge.

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New darting is horrendous.

Darting stuff like Nodopatosaurus is ridiculous now (tail to head to tail switch). I am yet to encounter a rampaging T-Rex that runs like Usain Bolt and try to get 50DNA there…

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The new darting system is awful and realy offputting. Give us the old style back

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I enjoy this game very much and have invested a lot of time and more money than I probably should have. I am a top 500 player. I enjoy the new update and don’t complain much. However the new darting system is extremely frustrating and unresponsive. Please, Please, Please consider going back to the previous darting system. It was responsive and easy to control. I know you state it will get easier with time. However, I have darted for several hours since the update and it is extreme frustrating still. The new method takes the control away from the player. It is broken. As a suggestion, maybe offer the standard method of darting for your faithful long term players. If you need to make a different mechanic for new players, then please make it optional.


I mentioned this on another thread, but I think it’d be awesome if they simply gave us different drone types and we could choose which one to use. The reason I say this is because - not only will it serve the purpose of getting players to use the version they’re more comfortable with, but instead of just being a random setting, it would add something to the game itself. Maybe the older version could be the “DPG Drone Mk I” and the newer one could be “Mk II” or whatever and we’d have players arguing over which is better, etc.


Depending on rarity/creature size/animation pattern, I average 20-100 less DNA per interaction than before. Found a pteranodon and that was a disaster; I couldn’t manoeuvre the drone fast enough to keep up with its speed or the angles it flew at. So disheartening. I think an optional style, as others have suggested, would be a great idea.


This just sums it up for me


yeah i came on here to suggest giving us options as i way prefer the old one, but i see i was beaten to it.


Will wrote this again:

How did the developers think!?!?

Why change something thats worked for soon 1 year!?!?

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