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Darting Apex’s

So I saw this ad for JWA and it showed that you can dart gorgo and that’s and apex. I am super confused I always thought you can unlock only through raids? Does anyone know if it’s just raids or I can actually dart an apex creature.


You can’t and should never be able to dart apexs. Its just an advertisement, and ludia does weird stuff with them, so its not real
They showed mortem is dartable in the teaser trailer on YT for when raids are introduced and that’s false. Then there was another on insta showing a lvl 30 mammotherium raid with lvl 30 creatuers being used including a unique.


Thank you I was so confused when I saw this

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yeah that would be a nightmare if it was real, much like the trophy system in tournaments


Even if it was possible to dart Apexes, I don’t think it would be easy to dart them. :upside_down_face:

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There’s a couple things in ludias advertisements that are false.

Also I saw this in the poll and looks like the devil pig is got a new image? This one look really good FYI

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never really cared for the horrendous thing so I hardly noticed or notice if it changed lol

It’s pretty much the same but now it has its jaws more open

Maybe one day.


:mag: :eyes: Whut?


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That would be great, and so would the ability to do solo raids with a whole team of creatures from your creature list.

Please, no