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Darting dinos - level dependent?

Hi Ya’all fellow folks!

I just noticed something a little odd - i play my account as you would expect and i occasionally use my partners mobile and help her catch dinos too, nothing odd about that you might say, well let me unwrap this a little…

So a Maiasaura spawned (epic dino) whilst i was on her JWA, the normal sequence follows of me furiously lobbing darts at the dino as per norm. Because the dino was one i wanted too i then logged into my JWA account and proceeded to try catch the same dino, this is where it went a bit different… it seems higher level players get a tough ride on this dino, well i did anyway - I’m max level, my partner is level 14. When i tried to dart this dino its target moved from its legs, to arms to body, to head and as this thing is moving like i don’t know what, darting the targets on its legs and arms was very very hard. Nothing unusual yet i hear you shout, however, when darting the same dino on my partners accounts, it did NOT target the legs and arms…just the body, head and tail which was much easier.

…now i don’t know if i have just stumbled over some hidden mechanic or my partners darting was a one off…

Has anyone else had this ?

I think it was a one off, but more data will be needed to know for sure. The entire community could help with this one. Recording what type of shots and movement patterns per dino. See if lower level accounts have a better time than higher level. I think this could be a fun experiment.

Some creatures, like Maiasaura, can go either way with darting targets. I had one this morning that never went to a leg shot, all were nice steady body shots. Others, can be leg, body. Leg, body. Leg… and be really difficult. Same with Turtle, some have only one or no leg shots, others seem like all moving legs.

While I cannot say for certain, I think its more random than anything. I have had hard ones on my smaller account and easy ones on my bigger account.

I think with some the sequence changes I don’t think it’s level related as I’ve noticed it change on a Sinoceretops after finding two in close proximity to each other the sequence was different on each.

Commons and rares have had predictable, repeating target patterns for as long as I can remember. Epics were always more random with their target sequences.

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