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Darting event / tournament

would be nice to have a new kind of event involving darting accuracy.
some rules i’ve thought of:

  • specific creature darting event - only implies to darting that 1 creature.
  • 10 creature darting attempts per event
  • specific reward for getting 30/60/90/120/150 darts on that creature - which forces to involve speed into consideration for better rewards
  • accuracy % also would gain rewards, or even a leaderboard to include a tournament mechanic into the event
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So everyone who’s not good at darting doesn’t stand a chance? No thank you.

how’s that different than tournaments? anyone who’s not good at tournaments doesnt stand a chance.
that’s why its called tournament

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Darting skill is not something everyone can master, nor do all phones allow for it.
Becoming better in tournament is just a matter of playtime, everyone can do that.


i’ll give another example.
how’s that different than the regular event creatures we have right now? if your’e bad at darting you’ll probably get fewer DNA.
the only added part is the rewards for accuracy and speed

Good idea, my only concern would be that VIP players would have an advantage because the number of darts they can shoot.

Since they havent done with green supply drop distribution problem and its always hard to find spesific creature i would say noo + it will take a lot of time + energy.

A darting event sounds fun I don’t think having to go hunt down a ton green drops for it would be great but I definitely like the idea of some sort of darting competition