Darting every dino


Even I am starting to bypass common dinos these days. Ludia should be encouraging us to dart every single dino we meet by having a depot that only buys dna (strictly no selling) for coins or cash. Common dna would go for less whereas rate dna would sell for more blah blah blah. The depot could be located sparsely…meaning we have to get there to sell it.
So, how about that Ludia?
(Btw, if you do adopt this, I expect some fantastic rewards for the idea…1 million bucks would do just fine, thank you)




You should already be darting every dino :grimacing:
The reward is that when a new apex hybrid comes out you can fuse it right away :v

(I also get super lazy even with rares and I end up regretting it 100% of the time)
(And tbh I’m not sure being able to sell DNA would help with my laziness)


I’m hoping for mission towers and not just strike towers where you go out and dart so many ‘X’ dinos or ‘X’ type dinos or hit so many drops and when your done, get some coin, darts and certain dino DNA like strike towers… in other words, ‘an incubator’.