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Darting is awesome, don't touch it!

I’m seeing my biggest dart totals Ever today! First outstanding ever on a rare!

Please don’t listen to the doubters, Ludia, leave it alone!


Which rare?

Have you tried the marsupial lion yet?? I’m pretty sure not because that thing runs away so quickly that the crippled drone doesn’t stand a chance…


Let’s do a poll :wink:


Maybe your player level went up today …


I’ve darted several of them. Very pleased with the results

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I’ve been doing Marsupial Lions all day. They run on 3rd 4th hit sure it’s hard to catch up. I’ve got about 5000 dna. I have no complaints. Just don’t bring the fence back.

I’m Android. We don’t suck.

I’m with OP, I’m getting my first outstandings on rares too, including the lion today. I’m on Iphone, maybe Android sucks for some reason?

Is low level for me.

Android for the win. :heart_eyes_cat:

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How are y’all finding the lions so quickly? I’ve been out all day and only seen 1 and I couldn’t get it :frowning:

on the drive to work I saw at least 10, was able to dart a handful. They are out there… They do look very small compared to the dinos, though, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’m sure today was a coincidence of high spawn rate on creature I really want.

See what happens next Thursday.

Tany was EVERYWhere today, so maybe these daily spawn rates are a little bit higher than the locals?

The drone on my android feels like I am flying a wet sponge. Commons I was getting high 300s and low 400s on in 1.6 are now all in the 200s.

I cant adjust to it either, as its just not responsive enough to adjust to, period.

To slow and darts flying everywhere even got a few direct hits that come off as deflected

I’m getting the hang of it now… getting 100+ whereas before I was getting 50 ish…
Before 1.7 I was getting around 150+

It’s terrible and non-responsible. If you don’t draw the exact correct path (or if they change direction) it takes soooooo long to compensate. I’d average 350-400 on stegos before this and now I’m lucky to break 300 (VIP)

No Troll and the reasons are purely selfish :frowning:

My son and I play on very old phones with low spec - huawei p8 lites running android 5. Darting has always been laggy, and difficult, especially recovering from lag drift. Power saving made it worse.

Non VIP at level 18 my highest dart was 200 ish, usually around 100.
I would struggle to fire more than 5 or 6 darts from <25m before time ran out
Tested darting on wifes 6gb android9 phone was able to push 300 dna and fire twice as many darts

After this update darting is much smoother, less lag, slightly slower to react and pull / drift but my DNA is about the same.

So thanks for this darting update Ludia, now everyone else is darting like I am on my 4+ year old phone .

I am planning on upgrading my phone maybe this xmas or next. If you could wait until then before rolling this darting change back it would be appreciated!