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Darting Issue


When darting a dino suddenly the screen flickers and goes to the map losing what you are darting… Sadly it happens to me darting an epic Mono and it was really fustrating because I don’t see mono a lot… I had this issue 3 times already ramdomly.

Have someone else experience this Issue?


Unfortunately not
@Ned may be able help though.


I am finding this issue for a few dinos, but not all.
Screen flickering happens may be for the 3rd dart.


Been getting that bug all of sino week up until now. Once that happens, there would usually following a 16/24 loading screen that could last 30-60min + (sino week I got a loading screen once or twice a day… low key think they purposely did something to my account to stop me from getting too many free stuff :rofl:)

With this update, it has happened more frequently but without the stuck loading screen. Something so little as quickly recording the darting session before launching the drone can cause it to error, and will pull you back to before having darted it. It’s annoying as heck… especially when you dart a dino, get a good run…then it doesn’t count, have to redo it, and get a lesser score :sweat_smile:

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