Darting legendaries!


How has everyone been faring with this Sunday’s event? This guy is a lot harder than anticipated!


Total rubbish first one I’ve not been able to dart propley plus it escaped almost straight away…


That wing… guess I should count myself lucky, getting 70.


My worst darting experience was way back with the Indoraptor. Got 14. The 4 will always be there to remind me how rubbish I am.

Expecting to be equally freaked out this time.


Not too bad :grin:


Not so easy…


Nice!! What level will this get you? Are you planning on using it in battle?


Thanks, I haven’t fused her yet since I created her. That event gave me a free level up to 17. Still debating on whether or not I should put alanky on my team. From this weeks event, I have a good 26 fuses for alanky. If I get some miracle rng with the fusing, she has some potential to be pretty high. Much prefer this dino movesets,and aesthetics over tragodistis. At the same time, I’m trying to make space for diloracheirus and utarinex. Those decisions… what do you think? :joy:


Haha, we’re at the point where there are too many options of what to put on our teams!
It looks like you’d be able to easily break level 20 with alanky if not higher …

The moveset is really good for a tank… one thing I like about trago is her speed but the SIA invincibility can be a game changer.

Who Would you consider replacing on your team? I took a peak and they’re all pretty tough contenders … haha and I know how much you love your megalo so I know that even if he wasn’t a level 25, he’s still not going anywhere :joy:


That makes me feel better about my 24. I couldn’t hit a cows a®$e with a banjo. :grinning:


Not as good as @Calebrys , but no complaints!


Got 84 lol


I’m scared to dart it :grimacing:


It’s OK it won’t bite you :wink:


Got 108 but the damn thing escaped rather quickly. I hate how the pterosaurs seem to escape much faster than any others.


72 for me…


60 here. It was tough once target went to wing!


An alanky in the 20s would be pretty fun to use in the arenas haha. Tragodistis’s speed gets me all the time and it’s an even trade off i’d say.

If I were to replace one for alanky, it might have to be spinotasuchus. I love it’s speed and beaut, but her lethal wounds are like paper cuts at lvl 20, and the list of dinos with bandaid moves goes on.

And not bad!! :raised_hands:t2: I feel like 80+ deserves more than just a great. That wing is 2x worse than a rexy tail.


I had 58 then it escape with much time left over :rage:


Haha thanks! I was pretty happy with the darting results … just glad it didn’t fly away. Mines ready to bring to level 19 now (didn’t get so lucky with the fuses last week) but looking at that 30k coin price tag, I may just leave it alone for the time being.

I agree with spinotasuchus. It was my new favorite after 1.4 but in the upper arenas, everyone’s got a good amount of either immune or cleansing Dinos. It’ll stay on my team for now but I have a feeling it’ll be the first to go when I need a spot open