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Darting like a Pro


Hey folks!! I’m starting a new series where I’ll be videoing my dino darting techniques! If anyone has any dinos they want to see darted feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section


You make darting Darwinopterus look so easy…:joy::joy::sweat_smile: Pterosaurs are rather challenging for me to dart, to say the least.

Thanks for sharing!


Nice. I haven’t seen creature escaped in a while.

I need to start a series, called darting like a nube. But it would have too much cussing.


Are you on a phone? My acceleration seems much slower than yours. But I’ve got the same technique. Which hybrid are you going to use?


I use an iPhone X. I’ve already created Stygadaryx but figured I could use this Darwin DNA to get my Darwin to 20 to get it ready for Pterovexus. Both birds are nothing to write home about, but my completionist-self wants all dinos created


My record on a bird … but of course, it’s easier than Darwin … need to break the record :joy::joy::joy:


I only seem to choke when I really need the dna. Always used thumb, but wish I would have started differently. 400+ on a stego to 90 on a t rex. Birds, for some reason, have always been easier, 180-200 avg on Darwin. Pointers are always helpful and thanks!

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I think the hardest one is nodopatosaurus. Would love to see everyone’s record on that one.


Brachio lol, not even funny…


Do you use your thumb or a different finger? Do you think there’s any particular advantage using one over the other?


I’ve shot over 200 on Brachio, I could tackle that


I just use my thumb. Seems to work best for me

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Why it’s (Dino) moving so slowly for you? Or it’s just an illusion :roll_eyes:. my drone either fly very slowly or too fast. I guess I’m too bad with darting :expressionless:


for sure. maybe spinotahraptor


I use the element of possibility. I shoot ahead of the target so when the dino comes towards it, it hits it center mast everytime. Just an old military trick for shooting moving targets


Using the thumb gives more accuracy than any other finger


Woah … I darted 8 this morning and got 6 x 13X, 1 x 153 and 1 X 161 :frowning:


It drew my shots like a magnet.


Respect on your darting skills!

How do u get 9 attemps on Dawinopterus within a good hour? Seems impossible for me.
Where do u hunt and what do u use: bike, motorcycle, car, bus etc?


I intended to drive if I couldn’t find enough but actually got 8 this morning with an hour and fifteen minutes walking - plenty of Spino around too and the odd Pyro - event epics are rarely a problem; it’s the commons and rares when there are four or more and you just want a specific one.