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Darting new dinos

Ludia, can you please stop making darting so unpleasant and annoying? I feel like everytime you add new dinos they seem to be ridiculously difficult to dart. Darting all those new mammals is so frustrating!!! Elasmotherium is the worst!!!

It’s posts like this that made them nerf the drone a few updates ago… quit it


No they didn’t. Ludia management team does whatever they want regardless of what we say here… That is the fact that they make darting too complicated.

I also believe they quietly re-introduced that new way of darting.

Sadly I have to agree here. Marsupial Lion and Smilodon are quite ok but Elasmotherium and Brontotherium are nightmare. Thats why i dont almost dart them at all.


Yes, both are a nightmare to dart. I often hit the target but it still shows as if I missed. It’s crazy. :confused:

The other two you mentioned always run super fast but it’s still easier to dart than those bigger mammals. :slight_smile: