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Darting new snakes is way too difficult!

Why do they make darting so unpleasant whenever they introduce new dinos? I was darting Titanoboa g2 and it’s was frustrating as hell. There is no enough time to move from its tail to its head and it’s moving way too fast. I couldn’t get much DNA from that RARE creature and I’m really good at it in general.

Thats the purpose of new creatures. Make darting hard as hell otherwise make dinos exclusive.


Have you darted one yet? I managed 118

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Yes, I’ve darted 2 so far. I got like 90-120 with my VIP so I can only imagine what all folks without VIP will get! That snake not only moves super fast in a wavy motion (faster than Velociraptor in a way!!!) but it also turns the whole body/head by 20-30 degree to sides so no way you can get another hit.

After darting my 2nd one I closed the app. It was too frustrating to enjoy the game.

I also don’t see the point for Ludia adding new dinos and then making them either arena exclusive or make them almost impossible to dart so people won’t get many direct hits.

i slapped that puppy 6 feet under and grabbed 223 dna from it lol
it got real snaky with me after that too… horrible little beggar if it keeps up
with those kind of shenanigans i will be wearing a nice pair of * snake skin boots * before too long lol

How did you manage to get so much DNA? I really find it difficult to believe. :slight_smile: I usually get 240-320 on most rare creatures. This snake isn’t even legendary/unique so they didn’t have to make it so hard to dart. Silly people from Ludia. :angry:

Today I encountered a wild Megalogaia. I was driving and darted 176 on it, non-vip. Easiest epic ever, but they probably forgot to implement evasion animations or something.
The snake while driving gave me 60. So yeah, it’s quite hard. It doesn’t even fit on the screen when it’s “running” away, so maybe make it a bit smaller on the map? It’s also bigger than most buildings when you see it. It wasn’t that big, right? 12.8m according to Wiki, not 60.


Yes, that is another problem that the snake is simply too long / big to fit on the screen. It definitely moves way too fast and it’s one of the slowest creatures in the game (110 speed?). Ludia didn’t have to space out the target circles so much on its long body. :frowning:

Wolly Rhino combines these two features;-)))

Found 2 by my home yesterday, was 103 an 126 @PQC

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