Darting NODOPATOSAURUS needs to be reworked!

Ludia please make some adjustments in darting that creature as it’s impossible to dart it properly when the target / hitting point moves from its tail to head and we have very limited time given to shot. It’s ridiculous.


Yea, that thing is ridiculous. I saw 3 last night and 101 was the best I got. One was 61 dna

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I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times and I got just 50-70 DNA each time… It’s just not enough time to move from tail to head and backwards to dart DNA especially when dino is moving fast. :confused:

Just like brachy, the tail to head is a nightmare, i try and compensate for its height, which is stupid but things like that make me think to much


its not impossible.
its not ridiculous.
its difficult.

its a game, some things are meant to be harder than others.



Yeah it’s a big creature but Apatosaurus is too and darting it is much better experience… This game can be so frustrating. I’m not saying to make it super easy but it doesn’t work right now. They need to change it.

They changed paras darting locations so you never know,they might do the same🤷‍♂️

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I’m lucky if I even see one! Now that I have allot of Nodo apatosaurus has vanished from site!

I didn’t say it’s impossible but things like that make you annoyed and frustrated like hell. :wink: The span ratio for epics is so low so Ludia shouldn’t make things more difficult than they need to be.

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Yeah, I did complain about Parasaurolophus in the past so I’m happy they improved it and made a bit easier to dart. :slight_smile: Fingers crossed they will do the same to Nodopatosaurus… at least to some degree…

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You drive around searching for epics. You finally find one and you get 50 DNA. Meanwhile I can get over 200 on ankla and raja and Baryonyx which are all better


Agreed, this is probably the highest I ever got on a nodo and that was yesterday. Might’ve been able to break the 200 mark if i was right next to the gal and my friend not being a crazy driver :grin:

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I think darting on higher rarity dinosaurs needs to be fixed in general. The rarity makes them rare why do the locations need to be harder to target and why do they need a lower DNA from dating them? Ludia should consider that these animals hardly ever spawn anyway.

Although saying that I did see 3 Nodapatasaurus on the way home tonight.

I think it’s one of the easiest to dart. I regularly get 100+ non-vip. You just need more practice. Now T-Rex is my bugbear. I’d I get 50pts I’m doing well.

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T Rex is a serious pain to dart. 50-ish is about the best I’ve ever managed from one.

What is your current level? The higher level you are, the more points you can acquire via directs hits.

I’m 13th at the moment. It’s no so much that the amount increases by level just that I never can get decent hits on a T Rex.

Fair point, one of the hardest epics to dart. I’ve noticed that the sensitivity of the trex and some epics like sino varies. Before waiting to get that first direct hit, you can hold down the dart and get a feel for the sensitivity of the dino. Sometimes it’s so slow, and other times lightning speed. Really dislike the sensitivity sometimes… I’d try to power dart shoot on slow sensitivity and it would come short or deflect.

I average 140 on t rex. Sometimes 200 sometimes 100. But way easier than nodo