Darting problems

For anyone else is there certain creatures that for some reason your just not good at darting even if its a common? For me for whatever reason i cant dart over 170 on tarbo. Another dino that i cant dart well is argentino.

Elasmotherium, i get more from wolly rhino which is suposed to be harder than i get from the rare easier rhino… go figure :crazy_face:

I have a bad time darting all the rhinos… Big common theropods are weirdly challenging as well. I think it’s a combo of how slowly they move and how far apart their target areas are. Ome that really frustrates me though is Bajadasaurus. I think it probably has the same issue as Argentinosaurus. The targets are so far apart, located on the parts of them that move the most, the head and tail. Darting them feels a lot like darting Diplodocus. For some reason, Amargasaurus does not have this problem. Its front target is located closer to the base of its neck, particularly.