Darting sino harder?

In the past I’ve been able to get 200+ dna at best when darting sino, but I’ve noticed the last two weeks he’s gotten a lot harder to dart and now I’m lucky to get above 130 dna. Is it just me or has anybody else felt this?

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they changed his movement set with last update so it’s really hard to time now, probably because his DNA became more needed with last update release

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Used to average 250+, I’m down to 200+ … with this new update. 40 points is a huge difference. Their running animation is a bit more challenging. Not a fan lol.


Oh ok that explains a lot. Thx!

subtract another 50 or so if you happen to be running pie on android, as 1.5 introduced an enhanced darting sensitivity and tear duct cleanser.

its all wrong… these where not fast animals galloping like broncos. probably lazy grazers that barely moved like cows. i call for a nerf in speed!! no more then 1 mph.


I don’t think they handle Epics like this right. There is no need to make them harder to hit to reduce available DNA when rarity already plays a part in making their DNA rarer.


Undoubtedly harder… I’m getting 50%-75% of what I used to pre-1.5

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Yes it’s way harder now. They give us more sino (2 weeks in a row) at the expense of making him harder to dart. Not worth it


I am pretty sure the movement change was deliberate.

I didn’t know what all of you were talking about as last event epics, I focused on Ankylo.

Last night I darted all 9 attempts on Sino.
1st attempt I must have gotten lucky as I got 227, at this point, I was thinking ‘not so bad right?’

To sum it up, 7 of the attempts ended up between 150-180 (median 160) and the last attempt was 215.

Yup, definitely harder than pre-patch cuz I remembered before VIP and patch 1.3, I could muster about 170-200.

It’s the tail thing. They put the target on its wobbly tail.

It’s definitely harder. Bucking bronco sino

Before 1.3 when Sino could still be found in the wild, the target was just head to body to head. Now its target gets moved to the tail as well and that throws our momentum off. Averaging 160+ yesterday.

Ahh jeesh. Ok so thats what the devs are doing with their time these days. Ignoring serious game problems like Strike Towers eating dinos or freezing up durring gameplay to focus on totaly un-needed stealth nerfs? And for shady purposes no less.

At least we can all sleep better knowing that the hard working game developers at Ludia listen to their playerbase. Who would of thought they would have responded so quickly to the MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY AND PROTESTS regarding the darting of Sinoceratops.

Wait… nm. :disappointed:

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