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Darting the BIG snake

So with today and tomorrow we are able to dart the giant snake. What the most you have gotten in one darting from the snake. With it being such a hard dart (and me not being a very good darter) my best is 117. But what’s your best?

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I got 163

Extra extra extra

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It’s super hard to dart for me to, and 123

Sadly, I got 101 as my highest. I’m at lvl 20. The sneks are so hard to dart, but you know what, I like a good challenge.

So far I’ve only darted one, had 75% drone battery, and got a measly sevendy-something, forgot how difficult it was and where the darts had to shoot. Plan to go on a drive tomorrow and dart some more epic boas up close since every bit of battery counts with this creature

142 and it was soo lucky lol

I finally leveled up my snek. It was stuck at lvl 22 for about 6-7 months.


I wonder if I or dilophoboa could ever be in an event :thinking: my only concern is what event it could be? maybe hallows eve?

Hate trying to dart the thing my highest is probably 80 odd as I struggle with veteran drone. Should change its movement speed and keep the darting points somewhat closer

6x in the area 160-177🤙🏻went well

I darted 69…


I was looking at this dino earlier. How does it do overall in pvp?

From when I used it it’s decent, great at chipping tanks with the counter, and fierce will struggle against its evasive stance and ID. On Escape Evasive Strike is decent, and it somewhat punishes a swap in (though any counter attacker will remove the dodge, but oh well). It just doesn’t have enough health IMO. 3600 at 26, same as Dilophoboa, and while it can deal with tanks for a bit, it’s not usually enough to get a 3rd (sometimes even 2nd) counter off.


My best was 172.
Will be able to lvl it to 29, currently 26. Don’t care about useless unique.

Thank you!!

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I can agree with most of this! I always use contsrictor as my first creature if it pops up on my deck, and unless its a dio thor or mamolania, I can almost always kill or nearly kill the opponents creature. On escape does help with swap ins like dracos and sometimes killing the low health opponent trying to swap out, though wish I had some stun resis since every time a stun moved is used on me I always have to skip a turn ,would certainly help me get even with thor. The dodge and ID really helps as well with some fierce, even helps with dealing with trykos and maximas. With enough boosts I can at least get around to dealing a 3rd counter attack, but it usually only takes 2 counters if I’m lucky enough to get a good opponent, so a bit o a stat buff would always be appreciated lol

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No snake hybrid has a health at base that isn’t 3600. And Dilophoboa has 1100 attack when it comes from 2 parents with attacks at 1300 and 1850! I’m planning on making a buff snake hybrids topic. Mind if I @ you to see if you like the changes to Spino?


No I don’t mind at all! I’d love to see this

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Around 170ish, it’s pretty tricky but I found it easier than darting rhinos.

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Darting Titanoboa (Epic) is already hard enough but imagine Darting Spinoconstrictor When that comes for an event…