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Darting the golden chicken


I am on the fence going all sino or all erliko and know darting sino is a bit challenging, but some are worse. I would need to get over 150 per on erliko to come close to creating erlidom.


you and me both man… my Thor and Rinex are only level 25. my erlid is lvl 21. i know that erlid is probably better then the other two but currently the others are huge helpers on my team.


Buy the $100 incubator and you can have it all.
Looks like no limit to buying them either.


only limit is my wallet and my brain lol.


My thought is we will likely get another Darwin and Sino week in the future. Chances are, we might not see golden chicken for a long time.


I would go with Erliko bc they don’t feature him a lot. Or maybe go 5 erli and 4 sino :wink: show them both some love

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All sino need to get my second green beast of the weekend


@Liam_Catley Same, I finally got my utahsinoraptor today! Took long enough but I’m super happy haha. Definitely better than allosinosaurus.


Wish i went for him instead of thor but in to deep to back down now so will be looking at it after i created thor and see what way i want to go


First golden chicken event ever, yes please!


9/9 :white_check_mark:


Wow, still only one fuse though.


I love the thought of having erlidom, but if this is the first event since launch I will never get him past 22 at the highest. I’m going all sino and try to get thor to a 27 I guess :slightly_smiling_face:


No Erlik for me.

Mine is level 15, so 2300 to level 20. Then, at 200 per fuse and using an average of 20 DNA per fuse that would be another 2500 DNA, so roughly 5000 Erlik to create. Getting more 10’s is 200 more for each fuse.

If I get 150 each try that is 1350 DNA from the event. The chances of me coming across the other 3600 Erlik (25 encounters) is mighty slim. It took me this far in the game to get it to 15!

Long term investment? Sure, but who knows when it will get a nerf once more folks have it and the TOO OP complaints start rolling in. I can live without having one specific Dino in the stable for now.

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Two sinos are all I found, erliko was everywhere. Was thinking it was a sign that I have to ignore. Sure hope tomorrow is different :neutral_face:


I’ll dart Erliko enought to level Erlido one move level and then will after darwins since the next week there will be Sino feature.