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Darting the Uniques

Which is the easier unique to dart for DNA? Tryko or Thor? Because older members from my alliance have almost enough DNA to complete Thor. But some of the newer members don’t have their unique creatures yet.

I just farted Triko. 138 DNA. Others in my alliance 140 or a bit more.

Thor… no idea.

Problem is the tail.

Both have the same animation i think so they should be equally easy to dart

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Ok im going to dart thor you can’t change my mind

i darted thor cuz thats all their was, only got 65 cuz it has a leg animation and 198 meters away, so annoying

I imagine if I farted Tryko even once it would hurt



typo… thanks

I was just darting tryko, nearly got 100 dna since all of its hit points where on it from the head to the upper back, for me anyways, I don’t know where all the hitpoints are