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Darting tips : Darwinopterus edition


This week we have a full pterosaurs one. It’s not the most exciting at the moment since how they are in the current meta but one can hope for a future update :pray: .
It’s also a chance to unlock the Darwinopterus for those who didn’t find it until now. Check out my new graphic, video will follow soon :smiley:

Hope it helps! :cowboy_hat_face:

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I can read it :smiley:


Aha I hope so I made some changes :cowboy_hat_face:


Yeah but what’s the point? Other than unlocking for the sake of it? Seems to me I gave up alot of alanqua DNA to get a crappy Dino. BTW no hybrids from it not unknowm


You can think it’s not the dino you want and dart whatever you want it’s fine. I already wrote why I pick this and seing next featured week pteranodon would have been a better choice probably between the two.

I don’t know what you are talking about. Yes it has no hybrid at the moment. I have never written otherwise.

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Sorry you said not disclosed implying there was one.

I don’t mean to sound a holish… I was just super bummed after getting it.


Not disclosed is a way to tell that Ludia has something for it…or not :upside_down_face:

No need to be bummed. To compare, it has a potential like spinota (with a sia added) except spinota is already a super hybrid and this one can have at anytime an hybrid and even a super hybrid. That’s something :wink:


Naw I passedsome good DNA to get this guy. And he is just underwhelming…


You know one was found already tho :wink: @quakeur

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Now the hybrids are disclosed :shushing_face:


Quaker I’m sorry fory earlier comment time has shown it was good you doing this and I thank you for it