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Darting tips : Diplodocus edition


This week we have opportunity to dart and unlock a new dinosaur : the Diplodocus. This long neck is not easy to dart and need 150 DNA to unlock. Following my serie on Dino, let me introduce you the Diplodocus :

Hope it helps!

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I was like fire away… Got her eventually. You’re guide would have made it easier. :grin:


I find if I get one onscreen and the target moves head to tail more than body center, I close out and try it again. The pattern will change each time I go to dart it.

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I just want to say… I thought the title was “Dating Tip”. Rofl

I got my Diplod to 14, so happy about it. :slight_smile:


Managed a 135 DNA dart to unlock her with the one attempt. Got super lucky with placement and a direct hit in the tail like a boss also. (L17)

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Didnt even bother shooting it. Ourano dna is much too valuable. Not to mention ill have it unlocked plus plenty extra when we get our gifts from tournament. Not in a rush to unlock something i wasnt gunna use anyways lol


I gave it one attempt, got a whopping 40. Definitely one of the hardest to dart.


Yes this one is crazy difficult. It’s like the nodopatosaurus, where you have to hope for it to not make a tail to head to tail chain. Mine saves me from head and left me only with some tail shots where you just have to make it hit as fast as you can. Here is my video with the unlocking after !


I skipped it and went all ourano. I figure I’ll get this dna from the tournament.


Yes, that’s what I’ve done.

I only click that Diplodocus for “discover” it, so I could see it in the dinodex.
Then turn to Ourano for 9 attempts.


I already had 23 dna from one of the strikes. The other 127 i couldnt care less about lol


Well I am gonna skip it and go for ouranosaurus


I just did one and went full ourano after. Ourano was the pick no doubt.

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