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Darting tips : sinoceratops edition


One of the most useful ingredient today : sinoceratops ! There is always something to do with sino DNA. Check out my new graphic, video will follow soon :smiley:

Hope it helps! :cowboy_hat_face:

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I like how you added the picture of a Sino in the bottom right corner


Thanks! I like to keep a spot for the Dino model, they look good :grinning:


just please change the font, its too thick for reading on a phone :’)


Thanks for the input ! I’ll give a try if I find something suitable :smiley:

Which parts are the most difficult to read ? Small text like attacks, facts and rankings labels or something else ?


especially the cursive part, but basically everything because theres little room for contrast with background so it all looks like blobs unless you get close to the screen :sweat_smile:


Aha “come closer” :joy:

Thanks for the input I will try something different for the next one :slightly_smiling_face:


The related dart session :

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Wow nice . My highest on Sino is 178.