Darts aren't going up


My boyfriend has over 1000 darts and they go up when he opens incubators, but i only get 140 no matter what. He did download the game when it first came out and i didn’t but how many darts do you gys have?


140 is the max darts you should have. There is a glitch or bug in the game that allows ppl to have more or unlimited darts. They are aware of this bug already.


You can obtain more than 140 darts (LEGITIMATELY) through incubators or buy purchasing the dart kits.


I can’t hold more than 140 even when i open incubators. That’s what I’m talking about.


I usually only can hold 140 darts, but every once in a while I’ll have more than that. But never near as much as your bf!!! I wish!! Lol. Ludia should just let us hold as many darts as we collect.


I know right. Why the 140 limit. It’s dumb but oh well doubt they will change it.


I have 143 out of 140 darts right now.


Then theres me with only have 1 dart left lol