Darts Automatically Convert


I wish darts would automatically convert into gold when you were at maximum (140).


I had your same opinion, before. Now I am not sure, this can tempt spoofers to spin supply drops all over the cities to reach faster 140 darts ant then easilly collect coins reaching everyday the coin cap…


Honestly, as a VIP I’d just rather they remove the maximum dart storage.


I’d pay twice as much for that vip perk.


We only get darts when we hit max coins, feel it should be the same if we hit max darts. I also agree VIP having a larger dart max would make sense.


With so many new supply drops, i havent dropped under 100 darts in weeks! I think the slight dart-shortage has been addressed.

But i still have many dinosaurs that could be ranked up. Additional gold is always such a welcome sight!