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Darts... because darts alone was claimed, I guess

So, as you know, darts are on sale at the moment, and I’m sure we’re all (or most of us are) buying them.

Dart numbers will be through the roof… probably breaking world records with this update lol. So, what’s everyone’s count at? I’m interested to see who’s grabbing 4x 350 darts a day for 400C!

Mine currently stands at this-


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43315 darts

Maxed every day so far … 43692 (I just had to go higher @Tielenaar)

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Seems like we do similar amounts of darting then :slight_smile:

I’m up to about 56k right now.

currently i am sitting on a staggering amount of 65,952 darts in my inventory as i have been grabbing the 4 x 350 darts every single day since it first started well over a month ago lol :open_mouth: :scream: :open_mouth:

I’ve actually run out of darts multiple times. Those Giga scents really keep you occupied.