Darts counter


Had 150/140 after incubator updated, left game came back counter dropped to 140! Is this normal! Where did my darts go, very frustrating as a rural player and difficult to get darts anyway. :thinking:


I’ve got the same today. I had 140/140 darts and then I’ve got 20 more from incubator. So, it was 160/140. But after I’ve used 9 darts to catch dino, dart’s counter showed 131/140.

It looks like that everything over 140 doesn’t count :frowning:


possibly doesn’t count I’ve had 140/140 opened incubators and get darts but they never counted over it stayed at 140. Maybe in the future they’ll give us a upgrade option to upgrade so we can hold more darts


This is definitely a problem I’ve had. I collected 200/140 syrings thinking I would have left overs only to come back 10m later to find I have 140 again. It takes away from wanting me to go out andget these supply drops because I can’t go over the maximum allowed without losing them if my phone dies or I lose service.


I have noticed the same issue with darts. I had almost 250 at one point just to stop playing and come a few hours later to see that it reverted back to 140.


I find if you get +5 darts it doesn’t increase your counter past 140/140. But if you get +20 it will go beyond 140 to potentially 160/140. But as mentioned if you then hunt a dinosaur and use 5 darts… You are now 135/140 instead of 155/140.


You can’t got over the maximum allowed. That’s why it is the maximum allowed.


It’s a glitch. The max is the max. I’m sure they will fix it eventually.