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Darts from achievements don't add full amount

Any of the dart rewards that are higher than 140 don’t all get added to your inventory as such - they’re automatically capped at 140.

They don’t add at all for me

  1. go to your in game shop

  2. scroll all the way down to the bottom

  3. click on the extra darts ( darts x 350 ) on bottom left hand corner

  4. repeat this four times for a total of 1,400 darts and total cost of 400 game coins

  5. collect your achievement reward for gathering over 1000 darts… simple as that ! lol

Only darts bought can accumulate past the cap. Thanks to the COVID measures you can buy tons of darts for coins though.

It’s weird though, I’m currently on the one where you have to collect 15000. But the 4000 one is still unstarted.

Same have both showing. But collecting darts from drops doesnt go towards totals either.

i did an achievement that had a reward of 250 darts. i got 0. someone at 0 would only get 144. yet the reward is still 250 :thinking:

Thanks, Delta! This is an issue our team is working on a fix for.


Same thing is happening with feed/play/interaction items. If you are at the limit, you don’t get them.

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Yeah, this us the real problem lol. I’m disappointed that the 7 hour long update which only added ONE feature doesn’t even actually give you all of the rewards.