Darts in 140 ever


Hello everyone. Has a data pack of 350 darts for purchase at the store. I’m at level 8 and for some time my darts are parked in 140 units. At what level does this number increase? What the importance of this purchase? If I increase my level, will I more darts to shot? Or will I stay with the 140 darts ever?


It has been my experience that the free darts from supply boxes are what’s limited to 140, but purchases & the odd extra darts that come in battle victory incubators can & do increase this total higher than 140. However, that being said, sometimes the game is slow to update this number & you may see no increase at all, but it apparently is still correctly counting the new total & after a few darting runs, the correct total finally appears.


You stay capped at 140 darts forever, the maximum does not increase as you level up, it stays at 140.

Packs of darts purchased in the market can temporarily increase your number above 140, but you can’t replenish them from supply drops until it drops below 140 again.


That’s what I said. Only purchases & victory incubators will raise it past 140. Free supplies won’t.