Darts in Chests

Why am I getting darts when there’s still things to max?
If you max one item, then most of the time you get is 5 darts. I was looking forward to the St Patrick’s chests.


I am getting 5 random boosts

So excited that there are boosts in the treasure boxes. Thank you kindly!!
I believe there may be an issue though.
Once you get the maxed boosts you no longer seem to get coins anymore. Its all 5 darts. I’ve opened about 40 chests over 2 accs since maxing the boosts and they have all been darts.
Think they might need checking.


@moderators any chance the team could look at this please?

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Thanks, everyone! I’ve brought your findings up with our team. :mag:


Im pretty much only getting boosts so far, only got coins twice. Havent maxed boosts yet so not hit the darts issue some are mentioning. Odds of this being fixed quickly?

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Lots of darts for me too even if the coins are not maxed. Annoying!

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Ok. Just got 5 darts and ive only maxed one boosy type. This is going to be frustrating.

same here. i didn’t want to complain because of the boost being in there and that is awesome! I cannot get all my coins though i am short a lot and am only getting darts.

14,000 coins to go and nothing but darts. :frowning:

Im on 15.5k coins, teo health boosts to go. Max 8 attepmts left before midnight reset.

Well, I don’t care much about boosts. What I really need is coins.

But thanks for the input though, much appreciated.


@Ned The chests are ridiculous for walking players. I had one chest in range from home that I spun a few times and then took a two mile walk, and then came home and did a couple more spins before the chests reset. I got about half the available boosts and less than a third of the available coins. Yet another example of the game designers encouraging players to drive rather than walk. It’s unsafe, wasteful, and antithetical to the spirit of AR.


Im not being ungrateful but my 25 minute drive to work is all the time i have to collect. Kinda sucks that im getting darts in about 3 out of 4 chest when i only max out one of the boost.


It’s a good thing that the schedule changed to wed-wed so these things can be fixed :expressionless:

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Maxed the boosts early door as im out and about on foot today. Since then 12/13 have been darts despite only just hitting half way on coins!

Took last night and today to complete. Must have got 300 chest. Now to do it again tonight :weary: work in the morning too. Ugh.

Had another 24x darts in a row, that was 36/37 just darts. Then 1k. And so the count begins again (although im on my way home now so boxes will be limited!)…

Wasnt too bad last night but this is ridiculous.:joy:

Got coins in 3 out of 11 chests on the way home, only 2k though so around 8k off so far.

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I would like to know if this deliberate or just a another bug.

Zero coins in 5hrs, to say im uninpressed doesnt cover it.
No update ned? Theyve had over 24hrs since this was raised.