Darts not enough

Need to raise the limit on darts 140 isn’t enough an you can’t collect past that limit or give more darts for coins


Have you not noticed the 350 darts for 100 coins Instore?

And you can buy 2 at a time…

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Already did it I play all day every day I used that up already

There have been several 350 darts for 100 coins. Keep looking for them!


I also buy 700 darts every day but with several 3 hr scents given per day, this is obviously not enough. I darted every dino popped up and I consumed at least 500 darts in an hour. What’s worse is that if there are 140+ darts in your pocket, you can’t get more darts from supply drops.


It would’ve been better if we kept all darts collected above the limit regardless of source.


Me too, can easily use 600 darts while using 1 of the 3 hour scents

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350 darts for 3hrs isn’t a lot. 10-12 darts a dino and 2 spawn at a time for 3hrs goes quick. I had to start being selective.

I’ve used my extra themed scents though.


700 darts ought to be enough for everyone.
– Bill Gates

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It really is beyond my comprehension that anyone would even entertain spending 12 hours solid darting crappy common dinos.

Each to their own and all that, but if that’s a way of spending time productively I feel sad for anyone who figures this to be useful in any way, shape or form.

Even if there was more than a couple of epics on offer from 3 hours solid darting double spawns every 2 minutes, I would still struggle to see that it’s a good way to spend time.

The most I’ve managed is 90 minutes solid while watching a movie.

I have now got it so the phone is on charge and I can see the spawns so just selectively dart what may be useful. And that ain’t much at all!

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Those we can buy daily isn’t enough though. :frowning: Ludia should give us 4x 350 so we would have 350 darts per each giga scent. @Ned

I’m disabled so not much else to do and some of those common you need for fusion on one or more

This is a prime example of ludia giving us something and people wanting more. I NEVER agree with ludia but in this case they didnt have to do anything in response to this. Now they give everyone free 3 hr scents that attract around 180 dinos and super cheap darts and u still want more. Be thankful with what weve bin givin.


I kinda wish they would just make them unlimited buys. I mean who is it hurting? If folks want to play their game during this time they should be aiding that decision. If I ran a game I would want folks on as much as possible…

That’s fair enough Tommy, and I get that.

But they are only doing this offer for the Covid 19 outbreak.

I dunno what you’ll do when it’s over.

While I see your point, I’m not demanding Ludia give us more or even demanded Ludia give us anything in the first place. It’s apparent Ludia wanted their playerbase to continue to play with the inclusion of 3 hour scents and cheap dart offers. All I am saying is, increasing the amount of dart offers hurts Ludia in no way whatsoever. In fact it gets folks on longer and more often. It would be a wise move in their part but in no way do I feel I am deserving of this. I’m very thankful for them giving us additional ways to still play during this time…

If it would be unlimited people would buy a ton of darts, probably as many as they could. Because the offer is so cheap! Compare it to what you usually have to pay for 350 Darts, that’s 250 Dollar.

You pay 5,49€ for 500 Dollars. So that’s about 2,745€ per 250 Dollars.
Or 114,99€ for 15.000 Dollars.That’s about 1,9165€ per 250 Dollars.
When people can buy 350 Darts for 100 Coins, Ludia would lose a lot of money.

You can buy 2.500 Coins for 60 Dollars. With 2.500 Coins you could buy 8.750 Darts! That’s so much.
And when you buy 500 Dollars, you could buy that Coin offer 8 times, resulting in 20.000 Coins! Meaning you could buy 350 Darts 200 times. That’s 70.000 Darts.

So you could have 70.000 Darts for 5,49€ (if it would be unlimited) or 70.000 for 549€(500 Dollars Offer) / 459,96€ (15.0000 Dollars Offer).

I went full gungho with one of those Giga scents monday night. Here was the end result:

There was 20 minutes I didn’t dart because I was also playing on my ps4.

1700+ darts in 3 hours. This 350 is nice and all, I’ll give them that. But 3 hour scents may be a bit much. Lol

My best friend and I completed our alliances rank 4 by ourselves. We used the giga scent at the same time.


I too believe 3 hours is overkill. I did 1 and had it on the whole time. Had to start being selective and not shoot a lot.

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Why would you complain about it being 3 hours long? I’m really happy with that. With 1400 darts you can get tons of DNA. :slight_smile: